Classical music becomes stronger and more diverse as an industry when access is made available to everyone.

NEXUS Chamber Music and Guarneri Hall NFP have teamed up for “Tunes and Toons for Teens” (TTT), a program specifically designed to increase classical music’s relatability to students aged 13 - 18. Students are taught the basics of animation, led in the process of creating their own animated short films, and work with NEXUS artists in developing a musical soundtrack for their film, which will ultimately be uploaded to Youtube and promoted worldwide.

Students of TTT are given the opportunity to learn about the elements of classical music as they relate to a project of their own. Students develop the skills necessary to describe and select musical excerpts to enhance the vision of their story. The TTT program looks to ultimately strengthen each student’s social, emotional, and intellectual ties to music and build self-esteem for the students through recognition of their accomplishments. The intensive hands-on engagement and collaborative experience between the fledgling animators and the musicians will foster lifetime connections to the music itself and to the world of musicians.

For more information, please visit Guarneri Hall’s website.

Guarneri Hall NFP

NEXUS Chamber Music is organized in collaboration with Guarneri Hall Not For Profit, a Chicago based organization committed to fostering interest and accessibility to classical music across demographic boundaries through a range of local, national, and international programs. Guarneri Hall Not For Profit operates a state-of-the-art performance, recording, and web-streaming facility located in the heart of the Chicago loop and runs, a website offering streamed and archived musical events as well as resources for performers music educators, and music lovers.



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