NEXUS Chamber Music is a collective of international artists committed to stimulating interest in chamber music. Our unique programming combines access to on-demand content and live performances in both conventional and unconventional venues. NEXUS delivers classical music that meets the demands of the 21st century listener.


We at NEXUS Chamber Music are a collective of international touring artists who present an annual two-week summer music festival in the city of Chicago. In addition, through “NEXUS On-Tour” we present programs across the US and abroad. The NEXUS mission is one of inclusiveness and accessibility, showcasing a broad spectrum of chamber music to a wide range of audiences. We have a fervent desire to infect listeners with the same passion for music that inspires us to create it.

NEXUS Chamber Music was co-founded by Alexander Hersh and Brian Hong, two musicians and longtime friends who yearned for new ways to revitalize interest in classical music. The realization of their shared vision is NEXUS Chamber Music– a group who bridges the gap between old and new, and meets the technological and social demands of the 21st century listener. NEXUS’ mission is to bring forth a new generation of supporters and advocates by presenting first rate concerts and utilizing social media to deliver high production value content,.

The NEXUS project has been given an early boost under the wing of Guarneri Hall, a new not-for-profit organization centered in Chicago’s Loop.  Guarneri Hall’s vision to advance classical music for the next generation is perfectly in line with the NEXUS mission, and the Guarneri Hall space, a brand new hybrid of an acoustically engineered concert hall and state-of-the-art recording and video streaming studio, serves as a perfect incubator for NEXUS’ vision of technical innovation, musical inclusion, and cultural evolution.

With Guarneri Hall’s support, NEXUS was able to launch a successful first season of concerts and events in August 2018.  These inaugural events included five concerts of three different programs performed over a single week.  Two of these concerts took place across the city in unconventional venues: Buzz Coffee Roaster and Baker, and Whiner Beer Taproom, with the remaining events occurring at Guarneri Hall.  NEXUS and Guarneri Hall invited world class artists to perform a wide variety of music, ranging from the works of Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Brahms, and Fauré to the more unconventional and contemporary works of Kraggerud, Sollima, Xenakis, and Widmann.

Guarneri Hall NFP

Nexus Chamber Music is being organized in collaboration with Guarneri Hall Not For Profit, a Chicago based organization committed to fostering interest and accessibility to classical music across demographic boundaries through a range of local, national, and international programs. Guarneri Hall Not For Profit operates a state-of-the-art performance, recording, and web-streaming facility located in the heart of the Chicago loop and runs guarnerihall.org, a website offering streamed and archived musical events as well as resources for performers music educators, and music lovers.