Our mission

NEXUS Chamber Music is a Chicago based, artist-driven collective whose mission is to make chamber music culturally relevant. Specializing in live performances and multimedia content, NEXUS presents an annual festival in Chicago and tours nationally during the year.

Our purpose

NEXUS Co-Artistic Directors Alexander Hersh and Brian Hong are driven by a desire to create unique and engaging classical music experiences for an ever-broadening audience. Each year, Alex and Brian bring in numerous world-class artists to take part in NEXUS’ annual fall festival, adding to an impressive and expanding international roster. Since its inaugural season in August of 2018, NEXUS has grown into a classical chamber music tour de force, capturing critical acclaim through stellar live performances and dazzling music videos of exciting new commissions and traditional masterworks alike.

What if the boundaries surrounding the experience of classical music ceased to exist? What if all possibilities regarding programming, multimedia content, and audience engagement were embraced, rather than cast aside in the name of tradition? For us, NEXUS Chamber Music is a programming playground, where no stone is left unturned in the quest to expand upon the stories that great chamber music can offer.

As the ensemble-in-residence at Guarneri Hall in downtown Chicago, we at NEXUS collaborate with Guarneri Hall’s creative team in the creation of stunning multimedia content that captures the dazzling vision, daring artistry, and friendly atmosphere for which we have become known. For in the end, we are seeking a single purpose: to make music engaging and fun. So come: join our musical playground, and experience the fun, friendship, and excellence that only NEXUS can provide.

Guarneri Hall NFP

NEXUS Chamber Music is organized in collaboration with Guarneri Hall Not For Profit, a Chicago based organization committed to fostering interest and accessibility to classical music across demographic boundaries through a range of local, national, and international programs. Guarneri Hall Not For Profit operates a state-of-the-art performance, recording, and web-streaming facility located in the heart of the Chicago loop and runs guarnerihall.org, a website offering streamed and archived musical events as well as resources for performers music educators, and music lovers.



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