Hi, we’re NEXUS co-Artistic directors Brian Hong and Alexander Hersh and we’re chamber music obsessed. Ever since our fateful meeting at the New England Conservatory in 2012, we’ve been inseparable colleagues who love to perform and use new media to promote an old art form.

NEXUS Chamber Music is our musical playground where we tell the stories of great chamber music from the past, present, and future. Together with our musical friends from all around the globe, we present an annual festival at Guarneri Hall in Chicago’s Loop, and closely collaborate with their creative team to create stunning multimedia content. The rest of the year we can be found on tour and leading residencies focused on music and entrepreneurship.

We invite you to stay awhile, watch our videos, and sign up for our newsletter. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you at a concert soon!



The word “Nexus” is defined as a means of connection - a link within a connected series or a group.  We at NEXUS Chicago believe that classical music is exactly that: a means of connection between artists and audiences.

Our aim is to make classical music accessible and relevant to new audiences, bringing today’s best performers together with fresh, diverse audiences, in unique, personalized modern venues.





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Guarneri Hall

11 East Adams Street, 3rd Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603

NEXUS is pleased to present in collaboration with Guarneri Hall not-for-profit, a chicago based organization committed to fostering interest and accessibility to classical music across demographic boundaries through a range of local, national, and international programs.